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Andrew Griffiths

Head of the LBC



Isabelle Borsenberger
Lab assistant

Clément Nizak
Senior research scientist, CNRS CRCN, ResearcherID, Clément’s webpage

Philippe Nghe
Assistant Professor, EvoEvo Philippe’s webpage

Emmanuelle Renard
Lab assistant

Antoine Sautel-Caillé
Engineer (IT, Labview), LinkedIn profile

Diab-Adams Freyfer
Project manager


Satyam Banerjee
Post-Doc, Single cell analyses and search for predictive biomarkers

Vinko Besic
Post-Doc, Non invasive prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 21 based on circulating trophobalstic cells

Andrea Franconi
Post-Doc, Single cell analysis (RNA-seq, ATAC-seq)

Pablo Ibanez
Post-doc, Combination of single cell analysis

Jayaprakash Karuppusamy
Post-Doc, Single cell analysis, enzyme evolution

Harry Kemble
Post-Doc, Enzyme evolution

Adeline Pichard Kostuch
Post-Doc, Enzyme evolution

Marco Ribezzi
Post-Doc, Biophysics of helicase

Tatyana Saleski
Post-Doc, Enzyme evolution

Mykhailo Vybornyi
Post-Doc, EvoEvo

PhD Students

Gaël Blivet
PhD Student, novel approach for the characterisation of the tumor/microenvironment interactions in solid tumors

Thomas Duboys
PhD student, Collaboration with Biomillenia

Cyrille Jeancolas
PhD student, Autocatalytic RNA networks and emergence of life

Reza Kowsari
PhD student, Combinatory drug screening with droplet microfluidics

Camille Lambert
PhD student, Autocatalytic RNA networks

Gabin Laurent
PhD student, Prebiotic chemical networks

Antoine Millereau
PhD student, Development of a microfluidic system for high throughput expression of antibodies

Jonathan Naccache
PhD student, Screening and directed evolution of polymerases

Karolis Simutis
PhD Student, single cell Barcoding using droplet based microfluidics for precise and informed identification of drug candidates

Marine Sroussi
PhD Student, Characterization of intrinsic modulating factors
intra-tumor phenotypic heterogeneity of colonic tumors

Viktor Zahoransky
PhD Student, Enzyme evolution

Simon Chardin