Industry Partnerships, Spin-offs

Research at the Laboratory of BioChemistry is balanced between fundamental and applied science. ESPCI ParisTech strongly supports innovation. We aim to benefit from and contribute to this exceptional environment.

Industry Partnerships

We have many partnerships ongoing with industrial partners from the pharmaceutical or IVD industry, or from the bioprocess domain. Collaboration occurs through research contracts, common public-funded R&D projects, shared staff, CIFRE PhD students.

An example is the OSIRIS project in collaboration with the Soufflet Group.


Andrew Griffiths co-founded RainDance with Jérôme Bibette and David Weitz in 2005.

He also founded Droplet Diagnostics in 2008.

In 2013 and 2014 he cofounded HiFiBiO and Biomillenia with David Weitz, Jérôme Bibette, Robert Nicol and Bradley Bernstein. HiFiBiO and Biomillenia are located in the same corridor as LBC at ESPCI.