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Andrew Griffiths

Head of the LBC



Isabelle Borsenberger
Lab assistant

Clément Nizak
Senior research scientist, CNRS CR1, Enzyme evolution, Antibody repertoire screening, ResearcherID, Clément’s webpage

Philippe Nghe
Assistant Professor, EvoEvo Philippe’s webpage

Emmanuelle Renard
Lab assistant

Antoine Sautel-Caillé
Engineer (IT, Labview), LinkedIn profile

Stéphanie Toetsch
Project manager


Sandeep Ameta
Post-Doc, EvoEvo, LinkedIn profile

Dany Chauvin
Post-Doc, Enzyme evolution

Stéphane Chiron
Post-doc, DigiDiag

Raphaël Doineau
Post-Doc, Antibody repertoire screening, LinkedIn profile

Andrea Flamm
Post-Doc, Evolution of enzymes

Pablo Ibanez
Post-doc, Assessing drug toxicity using RNA-seq

Heng Lu
Post-Doc, EvoEvo

Roberta Menafra
Post-Doc, Single cell transcriptome characterization of monocyte-derived cells

Marco Ribezzi
Post-Doc, Biophysics of helicase

Subramanian Subramanian Kanagarajan
Post-Doc, Enzyme evolution

Marina Theodorou
Post-Doc, Quantitative and sensitive characterization of mutations in cancer cells at the single cell level using droplet microfluidics

Anton Zadorin

PhD Students

Simon Arsène

Carlos Catrillon
PhD student, in collaboration with Pierre Bruhns at the Pasteur Institute, Antibody mapping

Angga Perima
PhD Student, Drug combination using droplet-based microfluidics and next generation sequencing

Matt Deyell
PhD Student, Characterizing the heterogeneous response to antibiotic treatment in bacteria

Sophie Foulon
PhD Student, Brain inflammation in preterm neonates: from mechanisms to therapeutic approaches using droplet microfluidics

Kevin Grosselin
PhD student, Single-cell genomics

Guillaume Villain
PhD Student


Estanislau Guilherme


Yacine Bounab

Collaborator from BioAster

Guillaume Mottet

Collaborator from Pierre Bruhns’ laboratory at the Pasteur Institute